Lace Front Wig




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    In stock wigs will ship SAME DAY if the order is placed BEFORE 1 p.m. EST. If the wig you want is sold out, please call us to pre-order it to get it asap.


    Product Description:

    • All our wigs are handmade in India from our 100% authentic RAW Indian temple hair.
    • Will last you for YEARS with proper care!
    • 100% non-processed natural patterns.
    • 100% Raw Indian hair. Guaranteed no steam processing, and never mixed with synthetic or animal hair!
    • Plucked hairline with baby hairs will provide a flawless look.
    • Machine stitched for maximum durability.
    • The diameter is approx. 23″. Adjustable straps allow you to adjust the size for a perfect fit.
    • Density is approx. 180%.

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